Stunning Fall Mantle Decorating Ideas You Should Copy Now 31
Stunning Fall Mantle Decorating Ideas You Should Copy Now 31

Stunning Fall Mantle Decorating Ideas You Should Copy Now

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Mantel decorating ideas that compliment the fireplace might very well be the focal point of your room. If you have a fireplace, the mantel will be a distinctive feature of it decorating it provides additional interest and sets the tone or can change the mood of the room.

It is a flexible way to emphasis this architectural feature with an enormous amount of creative options open to you, and change this small area with big results depending on what mood you want to create. It may be with one dramatic piece or a combination of art and accessories and will likely be determined by the overall style of the room and the mantle itself.

Mirrors brighten and open the space and can be used singularly spanning the entire width of the mantle or grouping several different sizes and in frames of materials to reflect your style of choice. The mantel is a perfect place to make personal, by displaying collections, anything from pottery, antique clocks, or decorative boxes and one of the easiest areas of the home to decorate for the holidays and can be used to an advantage in your home decorating by changing it with the different seasons.

The mantel is also becoming home to flat-screen televisions. You will need to be careful with the accents you use in this case. Display tall vases or candlesticks off to the sides in symmetry so as not to interfere with the TV. Whatever you decide and whether the mantle on your fireplace is fancy or plain, you’ll want to keep a balance with the decorative elements you choose to display and mix various sizes of those items and in proportion to the mantle itself. Little tiny items will get lost on a large mantle of rough-hewn wood and larger items will be off-balance on small mantles.

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