Amazing Wooden Door Hangers Design Ideas 23
Amazing Wooden Door Hangers Design Ideas 23

Amazing Wooden Door Hangers Design Ideas

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Do yourself a favor, This Christmas, 2009 before you spend too much time organizing those closets and getting rid of your unwanted clothes, jacket’s or children clothes you no longer need, try ordering some new wooden hangers online. They are the only and best investment and your closet and pocket book will thank you for it.

There are so many environmental reasons why wooden hangers are the right choice for your closet. Don’t you think how your expensive clothes hang can also be an extremely important factor as well? Did you know that 90% of all households in the United States go through an average of 90 wire hangers a year.

And that’s on average I just read a report from a reputable home organization company in new york city that some people who rely heavily on dry cleaners go through an estimated 250 plus wire hangers a year. Can somebody say Ouchie!! That’s gotta be bad for the environment. Wooden Hangers not only protect your very expensive investments but make your closets look really great.

Ever had company come over and open your closet only to be totally embarrassed at what lies within those closet doors? Yikes!! How embarrassing, you only get one chance at the first impression, and since your new guests are constantly judging your decor, furniture arrangement and paint color don’t give them the chance to snicker at your ugly un-organized closet.

Send them the right impression that you are organized and well in control of every aspect of your home life. Best part is wooden hangers come in a variety of sizes and colors so you can even make them match those new hardwood floors. Now if you could only get your kids to hang up their clothes, now that would be impressive.

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