The Best Sunroom Furniture Ideas To Relaxation 35
The Best Sunroom Furniture Ideas To Relaxation 35

38 The Best Sunroom Furniture Ideas To Relaxation

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If you live in a part of the country where you are blessed with mild winters, then you’ll be able to use your sunroom all year long, and won’t have to worry about finding a place to store your sunroom furniture until the warm weather returns.

Any climate appropriate for a four season sunroom will also be fine for those two classic sunroom furniture materials, wicker, and rattan.

Both wicker and rattan are made of plant materials; wicker can be woven from a wide variety of plants including willow, bamboo, and reeds. Rattan sunroom furniture is woven from the canes of palms native to African, Asia, and Australia, and which have a vine-like growth pattern.

Wicker and rattan are ideal materials for sunroom furniture because they evoke images of South Seas retreats and afternoons lazing on palm-shaded verandahs sipping rum based fruit drinks as the surf whispers softly in the distance.

Both wicker and rattan sunroom furniture thrive in the hot humid conditions of summer, as their fibers soak the moisture from the air, becoming more supple and lustrous.

These qualities make rattan and wicker sunroom furniture ideal for three-sunrooms and for climates with mild winters. But if you live where the winters are severe, you’ll either have to get a four season sunroom insulated and glazed against the dry cold winter air, or find some other material for your sunroom furniture.

Wicker and rattan will suffer badly in deep cold, becoming brittle and even cracking or developing mold.

So if you can’t afford a four season sunroom, your budget may force you to turn to a PPV coated metal for your sunroom furniture. This furniture will survive for years in all sorts of climates, but it unfortunately lacks the natural appearance of rattan and wicker. What’s left?

Teakwood offers the longevity of metal and the natural charm of rattan and wicker; if you choose simply designed teakwood furniture it will fit a modest budget; and it is pleasantly low maintenance.

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