Fantastic Indoor Pool Design Ideas 02
Fantastic Indoor Pool Design Ideas 02

37 Fantastic Indoor Pool Design Ideas

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Your house is huge and you want to do something to fill up the wasted space on the first floor so you may decide you want to start picking out indoor pool designs for your upcoming indoor pool you decide to have. You may think that maybe you would want to check out the designs and see which ones you and your family like the best.

You need to first measure and see if you have enough room on your first story. It may seem like a lot of space to you but just imagine if a pool was in there.

Close your eyes and imagine for a second what your first story would be like because don’t forget you have to have room to walk so measuring is definitely a good thing to take into consideration.

Once you are for sure you do have enough room, picking everything out requires team work from your husband and kids whether they want to do it or not because they would not be happy with you if you picked out something that they did not like at all.

They would be stuck with that design and will not be able to change it. You might want to mention that to them if they try to back out in the decision making process.

A design could go both ways it could be you’re looking at how the pools are shaped or could be the design inside the pools that no one ever pays attention to because they’re always swimming. Say you’re looking at different shapes of different pools, you could start off with that one first.

If you have small children or any children at all, you may want it to be in the shape of their favorite animal or their favorite Disney character. It does not have to be in that kind of shape at all especially if you do not have kids.

You may would want it to be in the shape of your favorite flower or even in the shape of your house if your space is big enough to make it that big or it could be a mini version of your house. These are the kinds of things you’ll have to discuss together.

You’ll also have to discuss what you want the inside of the pool to be if you choose to have a design like that as well. It could be all of your birthstones mixed together in a diamond shape along the wall or it could look like a zoo having different kinds of animals that look like they are skipping along the walls.

Either of these ideas would work but you have to agree on something together without getting into a fight about it. You might see something really unique and decide to go with that idea.

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