Inspiring Home Gym Design Ideas27
Inspiring Home Gym Design Ideas27

47 Inspiring Home Gym Design Ideas

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Here are some home gym ideas that will help you to plan your perfect gym. Although it is tempting to rush out and start looking at all the nice shiny equipment that you’re going to put in your gym, there are some basics that have to be done before you get to the stage of buying equipment.

First you will need to decide on your home gym décor. Before you move any equipment into your gym, decide on things like the color of the walls, position of the equipment and gym floor matting. It is much easier to do things like laying gym flooring if you have an empty room to work in. It’s a good idea to get some graph paper and just map out the positions of where you are going to position the various pieces of equipment.

Decide on the type of fitness you want to achieve. A good gym will have equipment that can help you improve your endurance and cardiovascular fitness as well as your muscular strength. You will see this type of equipment in all professional healthclubs. A good home gym idea is to have a piece of cardiovascular equipment together with some free weights and a bench. This will allow you to perform a very variety of exercises while at the same time not costing too much or taking up too much room.

Don’t forget to include things in your gym that will make it a pleasant environment to work out in. This is one of the best home gym ideas, because you will be more likely to use the equipment. Make sure that there is adequate heating and that you have a good quality fan on hand for when you are working out strenuously. Lighting is an often-overlooked factor in gym design. Natural light is ideal, but having uplighters is also good. The worst type of lighting is overhead fluorescent lighting, which can be harsh. Finally make sure you have your creature comforts like a TV and some of your favourite music.

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