The Best Formal Living Room Design Ideas29
The Best Formal Living Room Design Ideas29

42 The Best Formal Living Room Design Ideas

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The living room creates a lasting impression for all who enter. It reveals to your family and guests if you are formal, or an elegant or fun-loving and laid-back type of person. The living room sets the mood for the home and should be a reflection of the owners personal taste.

Your living room tells the people who go into it really who you are in a way. It might tell them if you’re a casual type of person, cheerful type of person, boring kind of person, neat freak, and so on you get what I mean, this room can be arranged in many different ways. This could be a formal room for some people and the casual family room for others it could be a gathering place for the family or it could be a TV watching room or a doing their homework type of room or just simply a place where people come and talk.

Typically in the past and even so now, that traditional fashion for the living room would be probably a symmetrical room with a couch in the middle and then to end tables with the coffee table in the middle and probably a picture over top of the couch and a couple lamps on the coffee tables. And the windows would be dressed up in some luxurious fabric trimmed with the user braiding or fringes.

These days though people have evolved away from this to a more casual look, they still keep some of the look in detail of various items like wood work and fabrics but they don’t go to heavy on these finishes a little less fancy trim work and a little less plush window coverings. And they tend to lean towards more comfortable furniture and more simple. The rooms are not set up in a symmetrical fashion as much, giving way to just neatly organized setting.

The rooms these days are more like a family rooms. The decor should still be coordinated with the rest of the contents. The way to rooms are decorated now is for the design of use not just to looks.

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