Inspiring Backyard Pergola Design Ideas For The Best Landscaping29
Inspiring Backyard Pergola Design Ideas For The Best Landscaping29

40 Inspiring Backyard Pergola Design Ideas For The Best Landscaping

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Is your backyard pergola being used to its fullest advantage? Many people have outdoor structures but most are only being used to have of their capable function. There are many ways to make your outdoor space more functional. Begin by covering your pergola with a rainproof material like plastic or fabric. There are many different types of covers to choose from. Find one that keeps rain out while still allowing the sun’s rays to penetrate the area below. This will expand the use of your outdoor space even when the weather is not cooperating. It will also allow you to still grow plants and flowers beneath.

Next it is highly recommended that you add some type of floor covering under your structure. There are many types of outdoor flooring alternatives on the market. If you already have an existing concrete base, you can add an outdoor rug or carpet tiles. Either of these are easy to clean and can be changed out if they get worn out. If you can spare the expense, adding stone or ceramic tiles is a more permanent solution. Tiles are also easy to hose off and keep clean. The most important thing to remember about flooring is that it is bound to get dirty because it is going to be exposed to the outdoors so you don’t want to purchase an expensive rug or carpet that can easily get ruined with use.

Finally add a grill, table, comfortable chairs, planters, and lighting. An outdoor grill and table will bring your family outdoors for meals and gatherings, expanding your home to the outdoors and adding much needed square footage as well. Comfortable chairs and adequate lighting will give you and your family a place to entertain or just relax in the evenings. Planters and pots filled with plants and flowers will add color to the space making it look and feel more like an outdoor oasis. If you live in an area that is cold, you should consider adding an outdoor heater or fireplace to keep everyone warm and cozy even in the winter. When designing an outdoor space keep in mind that in order for it to be used to its fullest capability you should try to make it as close as possible to other highly functional spaces within your home.

You can find almost of these ideas at any home improvement store but always check discount department stores for really great deals on outdoor decoration ideas. Start with the necessary items then move to the decorative touches. Pick a theme or color and use that as a guide when purchasing. The best backyard pergola design will have a little bit of your personal taste mixed in with a functional set up so you and your family can have a space that is comfortable and functional for all to enjoy year round and all day regardless of the weather condition.

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