Popular Backyard Playground Landscaping Ideas For Kids38
Popular Backyard Playground Landscaping Ideas For Kids38

48 Popular Backyard Playground Landscaping Ideas For Kids

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Today’s backyard playgrounds are veritable works of art. Long gone are the days of the metal swing set that flipped up when you swung too high. Well-designed playgrounds are cropping up in some of the most beautiful homes in the country. And there are some great landscaping ideas that can add beauty to your child friendly backyard.

When the summer moths hit their peak temperature sun exposure can become a real factor in the use of your playground. And as we are now aware excessive exposure to the sun is one of the most prominent causes of skin cancer.

So how about some landscaping ideas that give some relief from the direct sunlight. The first idea is to build some form of a steel roof or a canopy that covers part or all of the play structure from the most intense portion of day heat. A simple gazebo design or even a lattice-covered area could serve well.

And don’t forget that some of the best shade available is provided by nature in the form of grown trees. This is one of the main reasons you find many playgrounds and parks lined with trees. Trees minimize the exposure of both kids and parents too much sun exposure.

Using Rubber Mulch

The recent development of rubber mulch has created a skull safe landscaping medium that has the look of dark wood chips. These are a perfect use of recycled materials that are both tough and enduring that will help save kids that might falloff their play structures. So consider using this material to create a nice defined floor area for your background playground. It will add a nice contrast to your green lawn and save hospital bills as well.

Kid Friendly Gardening

Also consider creating gardening spaces where you and your children can join in the fun of gardening. You could create a designated kid’s garden and integrate it into your backyard play space. This area can serve as a place to put some outdoor toys and it is a great way to pull together a playground with an already existing garden to make the place warm and welcoming to the kids.

Safe Space

Of top consideration when a playground has high structures is to make allowance for more space. The basic rules are that there should be a free space that extends beyond six feet from the play structures. Fill this space with woodchips, rubber mulch or even interlocking rubber mats.

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