The Best Small Bathroom Design Ideas For Apartment38
The Best Small Bathroom Design Ideas For Apartment38

46 The Best Small Bathroom Design IDeas For Apartment

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Bathroom designs for apartments these days just get smaller than the last time you can remember. We all dream of having a Jacuzzi or a sauna in our bathrooms but not all of us can get the best of everything. One thing that all tiny bathroom owners agree on is that there isn’t enough storage and that their bathroom design is dull.

Finding enough storage to make the OCD person hidden in them very happy is often a challenge tiny apartment owners usually face. Bathroom designs that lack storage is a big turn off but there are ways around it.

While we all cannot have a Jacuzzi right now, at least we can address the problems of storage in a small bathroom design. To get you started, unleash that organizing spirit inside you. Look at every corner in your bathroom and make a list if you have to of all the items that you need to find a place for.

Small items like cotton buds, cotton balls and other small items can be organized in mason jars. You can leave the mason jars as it is or paint it a color that matches your bathroom design. You can also hang them on the wall using a long wooden board and some pipe clamps to hold the jars in the place.

Another storage trick to organize bathroom stuff and also add to your bathroom design is to use plastic or wicker baskets with labels to make finding things easier. Usually, you could put all products for hair together in one basket, dedicate another basket for skin products and so on. If you have a shared bathroom, a basket for each member of the family is also ideal.

If you’re one of the fortunate people and your bathroom has a high ceiling then think vertically and make use of the tall space. A shelf above the door, perhaps, can be used to store items that should not be easily reached by children. Adding small floating shelves vertically is not only added storage but a flattering addition to your bathroom design.

Hang fabric or plastic organizers over the door for cleaning supplies or toiletries storage. If you are a renter and you cannot drill or make holes, an over the door organizer or racks are suggested. No need for nails or screws just hang it over the door. Use towel hooks instead of rods so you can hang more towels.

If your sink is just a wall-hung basin, use the space underneath to either put a low table or cabinet for storage or build a cabinet that will also hide the pipe. If you are patient and resourceful enough, you can find storage for just about everything in your bathroom. Organizing not only helps you to find things easily, you also avoid clutter in such a small bathroom. It’s also a bonus part that you have somehow, with all your organizing, just upgraded your bathroom design.

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