Stunning Luxury Kitchens Design Ideas With Modern Style36
Stunning Luxury Kitchens Design Ideas With Modern Style36

38 Stunning Luxury Kitchens Design Ideas With Modern Style

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Luxury kitchens are the new must-have for newly built homes, and homes with these types of kitchens are at the top of the market in sales. People are starting to realize that the home isn’t really in the living room, entertainment room, or master bath, but in the kitchen. This is where so many families spend a majority of their time, so it seems logical to splurge on the kitchen while saving on some other, less well-used areas of the home. Here are some of the things you might find in luxury kitchens today.

Extra sinks and appliances are really popular as more families go back to slow food cooking at home. Sometimes kitchens include a small sink just for rinsing vegetables and fruits in purified water. Others come with stacked ovens that allow for preparation of multiple dishes at once, and still others offer extra-large stove tops with more than the traditional four burners. These things are all for the sake of convenience and allow for the cooking of larger meals in a more convenient manner.

Another addition for luxury kitchens today is high-quality countertops. Many people are opting for long-lasting granite, which looks sophisticated and will stand the test of time. Some prefer tile, although this is less durable and can be harder to keep clean. You can now find many kitchens with partial marble countertops, as this particular stone stays cool all the time and is excellent for bakers who need a cool place for kneading.

Speaking of bakers, many luxury kitchens today have separate areas just for baking. Large kitchens are being designed in stations, with a station for cooking, a station for baking, a station for washing, etc. This allows for more efficiency, and most stations come with a separate storage area for the materials – flour, cooking spray, salt, etc. – used in those particular areas. This means that you no longer have to dance back and forth across a huge kitchen every time you bake cookies!

Finally, many luxury kitchens are now coming with ambient lighting. This is more important than ever as more people are starting to dine in the kitchen rather than in a separate dining area. Work areas are flooded with bright light, while dining areas have dimmer switches. This allows you to set up different lighting for different situations, so that your kitchen becomes a place of atmosphere rather than a bland place to wolf down a meal.

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