Awesome Spring Front Porch Decorating Ideas24
Awesome Spring Front Porch Decorating Ideas24

37 Awesome Spring Front Porch Decorating Ideas

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They say we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover by we all do that sometimes. It’s the human side of us. Just like a book cover gives a hint as to what’s inside the book, our front porch gives a hint about our home. With spring’s arrival, is your front porch inviting, warm and friendly? When guests stop by your home, are they greeted by a charming porch that has some character and personality?

Whether you have a contemporary porch or an open country porch, all that matters is that it exudes some personality and warmth to your home. An inviting porch has a cared-for look. Let me share three front porch ideas with you to add some sparkle and curb appeal to your porch. No matter the season, there are always ways to add that special something.

1 – Dust your porch!

First, dust your porch – not with a dust cloth, no. Use your hose to gently spray the floor, and sides down. A bucket of warm sudsy water does wonders. After all, the porches get grimy and dusty. Leaves get trapped in corners. Weeds pop up in the corners and spider webs hang where you wished they didn’t. Light bulbs may need to be replaced, too. Just like the insides of our homes, porches need love, too!

2 – Give Some Attention to Your Porch Furniture

Your furniture probably needs some tender loving care also. Wash it down with some sudsy water and let it air dry. Replace faded, frayed, or torn cushions with fresh smart-looking new cushions. Give your porch swing a fresh coat of high-quality exterior paint or stain and seal it. If it squeaks, give it a little oil, too.

3 – Re-think the Amenities on Your Porch

Now, this might be a lot to think about if you have a large porch and a lot of stuff! How about a new welcome mat? That’s a very modest investment but you’d be surprised at how much a new welcome mat will get noticed. Also, it gives your porch that cared-for look, too! Home improvement and discount stores have so many welcome mats to choose from – even your favorite sports team, beautiful flowers or a snappy welcome message.

Do you have old faded plastic flowers on your porch or last season’s decorations still out? Yikes, it’s time to take them down and replace them with fresh new plants (weather permitting). A beautiful fern or a mix of annual flowers can look terrific in a heavy stone pot. Find something new to put on your porch – may be a unique metal table that you find at a flea market. Paint it a bold metallic color and it will become a neat conversation piece. And lastly, don’t overlook the possibilities that your front door offers for seasonal decorating!


So that was quick – three simple ways to jazz up your porch without busting your budget: a little sprucing up, restoring life to your furniture, and paying attention to the amenities on your porch. You may find something classy to place on your porch when you least expect it. Your porch can be a little piece of heaven if you give it some TLC. These tips are just the beginning of a long porch-sitting season!

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